Sunday, September 11, 2011

Plum Good

Remember her... She's a plum tree. 

This is her, standing quietly at the edge of our field near the garden. You can see her silhouette in the early evening sun. 

One wouldn't know she was there with the vegetation that has grown up around her. It was her blossoming spring branches that caught my eye. 

When Mike was out in the garden one evening, he noticed a plum. 

Although still small, it tasted warm and sweet. 

We waited several weeks for more to grow...

...and grow they did. 

In the end, there were a total of six plums hanging from her graceful but tired limbs. From what I've heard from local orchardists, plum trees are very particular about bearing fruit. They do not necessarily fruit annually as the conditions have to be just right. In our valley, wind, rain, and cold may affect cross-pollination. 

Our plan is to clear the brush out from around her so that her old branches and trunk get more sunshine. Then she can decide whether or not she'd like to bear fruit. 

She's beautiful just the same. 


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