Monday, September 5, 2011

Whole Wheat Pancakes and Strawberry Syrup

Good morning everyone! Smile 
First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day!!! 
I hope that you and your family have a great day off!  We are spending the day with my Mother-in-Law.  The boys are going on a bike ride, the girls are going dig into some new books and then we are going to grill out!
Today,  I wanted to share a healthy breakfast that I make with the kids sometimes.
My daughter LOVES baking!  She especially loves to make pancakes with me.  She is my big helper and I love doing things with her.
2011 06 27_5689
The boys like it too! Smile
2011 06 27_56852011 06 27_5686
I let them put in all the ingredients themselves.
2011 06 27_5688
He doesn’t like getting his hands messy though, lol!
2011 06 27_5690
She loves the everything about baking!
2011 06 27_5692
Michael likes to get crazy!  (Do you have a Michael and is he crazy?  Every single Michael I know or heard of is a crazy boy, hehe!!  We were even warned about naming him Michael, lol!)
2011 06 27_5693
Here they are having fun here! Smile
2011 06 27_5695
2011 06 27_5696
She loves cracking the eggs!
2011 06 27_5702
I love the Better Homes and Gardens pancake recipe but we use whole wheat flour instead of white flour. We are used to that and the kids don’t know anything else so it works for us.
2011 06 27_5716
I also make my own strawberry syrup that the kids love!!!  I just use what I have.  Here I used frozen strawberries.  Sometimes I keep them whole or sometimes I with chop or grate them depending on our time and mood.
2011 06 27_5704
I just heat them up in a sauce pan.
2011 06 27_5706
I don’t even add sugar to the sauce.  I just put the strawberries on top of our whole wheat pancakes and topped it with real whipped cream…yum!  Then we add some fresh fruit. 
2011 06 27_5707
This a great way to spend the morning together!!!
2011 06 27_5708
She wouldn’t even look up for the picture, ha!
2011 06 27_5712
Do you make whole wheat pancakes?
Do your kids like it?
Have you ever made your own syrup before?  What kind?
What is your favorite breakfast?
Have a great day!
Bonnie ;)



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