Sunday, October 30, 2011


My friend BECKY, who, by the by, is also one of my very best customers ( love ya Bec) recently invited me to her beautiful home for a 


a fun~filled afternoon with fun new friends, delicious nosh, flowing wine and yes,


Now I'm not exactly on the short list at Somerset


Anyway, I said yes of course, cause I've always wanted to see Becky's home and it sounded like a great time.

Let's begin with a short tour.

Her living room is a cozy French~inspired haven that makes you want to linger forever. We darn near did, as we arrived at 3 o'clock and left at 8!

Do you love the pumpkin above that she made from a dryer hose?

Next we head upstairs to the master bedroom.

Gorgeous huh?

Back downstairs to the dining room we go...

Not only did she set a stunning French~themed table, she had a beautiful craft kit for each guest and a gift bag    
full of personalized goodies for us as well.

Crudite' in shot glasses filled with hummus. So charming.

Cake pops that looked so darn good. Alas, they were not vegan so I resisted...

But these babies were and I devoured the lavender brownies and one of those cupcakes with the chocolate frosting!

And here's our lovely hostess herself! 

The one and only Becky!

And so what you ask did we make?

A wreath from old book pages.

I am the worst at following instructions, and I confess I really just looked at the pictures on the instructions. So my wreath has an extra row of pages and my ribbon hanger is off center and overall it's a little wonky.

But it's mine and I had the best time making it. That you'll have to take my word on. As luck would have it, my batteries died before the fun began so there are zero pics of the crafters in action. 

Too bad, cause I met some of the funniest, most enjoyable women you could imagine. And Becky? She's a hip, cool chick that knows how to throw a fabulous get together. 

Rumor has it there will be a CRAFTERNOON PART DEUX

and this time I'll have fresh batteries I promise.



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