Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Hello!  I am back today with another quick health tip but first I want to know if you drank more water yesterday and today! 

How did it go?  Do you feel better yet? 

better health

Today,  I want you to keep on drinking more water but I want you to add fruits and vegetables.  Fresh is the best but if this is new to you, cooked would be an improvement to!


This might be easy for some of you and for others, this might be very difficult.  It is recommended that half your meal is from fruits and veggies. 

We try to add a fruit and veggie with every meal if we can.  For example, this morning we made eggs with onions and fresh salsa with fruit on the side.
We have found if you put it out, the kids will eat it.  They actually like it!  Just try not to buy all the bad foods. (That is a whole other post by itself.)

If your kids don’t like fresh fruit or veggies, try to make it fun looking…

2011 07 02_6186 - Copy
2011 07 02_6187
2011 07 02_6189 - Copy
2011 07 02_6190
2011 07 13_6474

Just make it available for your family so you won’t grab the junk!

2011 07 13_6476
2011 07 13_6477
2011 07 13_6478
2011 07 13_6479
2011 07 13_6480

2011 07 27_6999

2011 07 29_7039

Everyone loves a veggie tray.  If you hate cutting vegetables, this is a great option.

2011 10 01_8095

I shared a lot of recipes with you!

2011 09 05_7968

2011 07 08_6717

You can sneak strawberries into your pancake breakfast.

2011 06 27_5707

You can make a fruit smoothie.

2011 07 18_6755

And then freeze your leftovers into a popsicle.

smoothie pops

2011 06 28_6035

You can make a fresh nacho platter.

2011 06 19_5660

You can make a delicious Black Bean and Corn Salsa.

2010 04 29_3023

You can make your own homemade applesauce.

2011 04 18_3583

2010 04 04_2165

You can make your food fun.

You can make yummy sides for your roast.

2010 12 12_1485


You can make a healthier Mac & Cheese.


You next goal is to add fruits and vegetables with every meal for you and your family!  

You can do it!

Do you eat fresh fruits and veggies with every meal?

Have a healthy day! Smile

Bonnie :)


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