Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Organize Your Purse

Hello everyone!  Today we have a guest blogger all the way from Germany!  Say hello to Andrea!!!
Hi everyone!  I'm Andrea from Maia the Bee!  Bonnie's given me the opportunity to be a guest blogger today.  Thanks, Bonnie! 
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Last week, my husband and I took Maia into town.  We wandered around the old cobblestone streets, shopped at the Farmers' Market, and had gelato.  As we walked, my purse kept falling off my shoulder.  It was driving me CRAZY!  After about the tenth time I complained about it, I stopped to think… I bought the purse almost three years ago! It was a cheap hobo bag from H&M - not exactly a store known for quality leather purses! 
I probably bought it on sale (I almost never buy anything - especially for myself - unless it's on sale!) and I'm guessing I didn't pay more than 20euros for it.  I think three years, a cracking strap, and a broken zipper later it's time for a new bag. I went into a leather store and found an adorable bag.  It was super cute, real leather…and 100 euros. Eek. 100 euros is about $160.  Not quite what I was looking to spend on a whim! 
I really liked it, though, so I told Santa (a.k.a. Romas) and we left the store. This past week I've been thinking a lot about the purse.  I shopped online a little, but I couldn't find anything remotely close.  I really couldn't find anything I liked.  Period. I'm a mom now, almost thirty and walking around with a cracking, fake leather H&M bag.  I started to be embarrassed for myself!  Luckily, my answer was only a few days away! Last night we went to the big PX in Grafenwoehr.  We had to make a stop nearby so we figured we'd go and wander around.  It's the only thing remotely close to American shopping, so as lame as it is, we actually look forward to it!! Josef Seibel had a tent set up outside and I decided to pop in while Romas was buying a rotisserie chicken at the stand. 
Do you know Josef Seibel?  He makes really cute and super comfortable leather shoes and boots.  They have a small store in our PX here in Germany but when I walked into the tent the first thing I saw was this:

A dark red leather purse.  The perfect size for my planner, wallet, and a few extras.  It looks nothing like the other purse I saw…but a girl can have two favorites, right?

The price was right, too!  It was originally 80 GBP (British Pounds) but it was marked down to an incredibly low price of 35 euros!  I was so excited!  I scooped it right up!  Here are a few more pictures:

It has a magnetic flap to keep everything inside and it has a leather braid around the handle.  Look how perfectly my new Erin Condren planner fits inside!  It's like it was made just for me!

Do you want to know the best part about the night?  When we got home, I switched purses.  As I was switching wallets, I found 25 euros!  So…that means that I actually only spent 10 euro on the purse.

What a bargain!

Have you ever stumbled upon a deal too good to pass up? 
Thanks Andrea!!
How do you organize your purse?
Have a great day!
Bonnie :)


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