Thursday, October 27, 2011

Slumps: What to do when you hit one?

Yesterday, we went to Half Price Books and I was so excited to get a good selection of books (on the cheap!) to give me a boost in the area of personal Bible study.  Last year, I hit a real slump in that area, and I really want to be intentional to try to nurture that area of my life, so that when I hit another tough time, I'll have a variety of spiritual "food" to intake.

Are you in a slump?  It could hit in many different places:

  • marriage
  • spiritual life
  • relationships with your kids
  • emotions
  • sex life
  • friendships

But when it hits, it can be hard to climb out.  I'll offer thoughts on a few... I'd love to have you share your tips/ideas for dealing with slumps in any area of life as a Christian woman!

Spiritual Slump
Sometimes I want Someone to just come and lift me out... and sometimes He does.  But sometimes, He comes and is simply with me in the pit.  And sometimes when I don't reach out to Him, He gently reminds me how much I need Him.

So what I am learning to do is just keep talking to Him.  Just keep looking outside of myself, to find where my Creator, Redeemer, and Friend is at work.  I may have ebbs and flows, but He is always the same.  So when I look to Him, there is a fixed "constant" in my life, no matter what else is going on around or inside of me.

What I did last night is pre-purchase a number of those little Bible study guides put out by NavPress, Charles Stanley, or Chuck Swindoll, so that I have an intentionally-selected system to use to study God's Word in new ways, particularly for those times when I'm not just bursting with ideas or an intense desire for Scripture.  I've found that this is particularly important for me overseas when I don't have as many options for conferences, women's retreats, etc.

Sex Life Slump
Now, every time I check out my SiteMeter, I am very aware that the articles I've written about intimacy are still the most-visited, most linked, and most popular posts here at Making Home.  :)

But of course, in our marriage, we still hit sickness, a crazy schedule, travel times, and general exhaustion from time to time, like anyone else.  It could be easy to cast this area of sex aside as one thing to remove from "the list" of necessary "to-do"s.  And I'll admit that lately I've not been as creative and fun in this area as I'd like to be.

However, it's such a central part of the marriage relationship that it would be a shame to let it fall to the wayside.  A few things that help me as a woman are to: (1) take time to really kiss my husband... not just a peck, but really look him in the eyes, and kiss him, every day.  (2) Freshen up!  Take a bath while he puts the kids down, or get a shower in during naptime.  Spontaneity is more easily achieved when you feel clean & relaxed.  (3) Just do it.  I don't mean to do it without enthusiasm or enjoyment... I mean, let yourself just go along for the ride.  Take time to enjoy the simple sensations and fun times together that happen when you are alone with your husband.  Just do it.

I've heard a number of women express the idea that sex is like exercise-- "I may not always feel like doing it beforehand, but I'm always glad to have done it."

What about you?  Have you been in, avoided, gotten out of, or even simply made it through, a "slump" in your life?  Please share in the comments!

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