Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vintage inspired office spaces

Imagine these office spaces on a daily basis? (oooo that rhymes - I'm a poet and I just don't know it :). Swap flourescent strip lights and withering plants with vintage pendent lamps and beautiful things to look at all day.

Picture: Stylizimo.  
What a collection of wonderful vintage things! Source similar at flea markets in your area, or try online at The Old Cinema. You can find shabby chic garden chairs at Petersham Nursery, London or Green Square in Copenhagen. 

Picture: found on Lotta Agaton blog. Photographer: Bjarni B Jacobsen. 

The pic above and the following two are taken from Oliver Gustav's home shown on Lotta Agaton's lovely design blog. Oliver Gustav lives above his eponymous shop in Copenhagen. His apartment / home office is very rough and ready with a tremendous mix of old and new and certainly beats an open plan office or what?!

I have seen this fantastic large numbered calendar in the design shop at Lousiana, Denmark, does anyone know the name of it? I would love one in my home office, it would be hard to forget the date!

Buy vintage pendent lamps at Lauritz. Source a wired basket from Granit. Buy an orange Wesco bin like this one from Amazon.

And finally,  I love this light and airy office space shown on the Adore Vintage blog.

Roll on Monday morning!


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