Saturday, October 8, 2011

Want a Healthy Family? Get your Kids Involved!

2011 10 08_8310

Welcome to day 6 of my 31 Days to Better Health series! 

better health

How are you liking it so far?

I am having a blast! Smile

Today, I took some pictures/videos of us making lunch.  I feel that one of the best and easiest ways to get your family eating healthy is by getting your kids involved!  They love eating what they make.  I take my kids shopping with me and I also have them help me in the kitchen all the time!


Today we made tuna sandwiches with a twist!
We made tuna mix with tuna, relish and organic mayo and organic wheat bread.

2011 10 08_8286

We added organic lettuce.

2011 10 08_8297

And here’s the twist… we used cookie cutters for fun! Doesn’t everything taste better when it is shaped like a star?

2011 10 08_8288

I had Grace help me today!

2011 10 08_8289

She loves stars!!

2011 10 08_8290

She has so much fun helping me!

2011 10 08_8292

What a big girl.

2011 10 08_8294


2011 10 08_8295

How fun!!

2011 10 08_8296

Then she added the lettuce.

2011 10 08_8298

She is very proud of her work!

2011 10 08_8299

While she was busy at work, I made the extra bread into bread crumbs.

2011 10 08_8300

I didn’t want to waste anything.

2011 10 08_8301

Now, I can freeze it for later.

2011 10 08_8302

Yum… Lookin’ good!

2011 10 08_8304

I made a short video of her today.

We all loved the sandwiches! Thanks Gracie Smile

2011 10 08_8310

Do your kids love to help you too? 

What do you like to make together?

Have a healthy day! Smile

Bonnie :)


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