Friday, November 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - #29

  1. Hope you had an incredibly restful Thanksgiving.  It's my favorite holiday.  Downtime with family... excellent food... no stress of gifts... no one's in too big a hurry. I just love it.  We feasted like kings, and I got to hold my one-month-old niece-- joy!
  2. We're staying in America.  That's right, not heading back in January.  We'll continue to be here in Texas, able to love on family & friends in person.  If you're one of our (real-life) friends and this is the first you've heard of it, I'm sorry... we made the decision about 2-3 weeks ago, and have let it out in waves.  
  3. Yes, that means lots is changing for us... looking for a job, house, couches, mattresses, sheets, dishes... wow.  We may end up shipping some of that back from Istanbul; we're working out logistics over the next few weeks.  Still, lots of changes coming our way.  I'd appreciate your prayers.
  4. Black Friday-- you venturing out?  My mom & I are... I think we'll go to Joann's, and then I need to get socks for my youngest three children.  Somehow, every time we go to leave the house, none of them can find any socks.  We are, apparently, the Clampetts.
  5. I'm LOVING this book Margin by Kevin Swenson.  If you haven't read my last few posts about Margin, you should.  This book has its finger on the pulse of the entire modernized world, and I think the author really has some challenging words.  
  6. Weight Watchers is so awesome.  I love being able to eat real food, and even enjoy crazy-good-food holidays like Thanksgiving and still be a-ok weight-wise.  I've now lost 20 pounds, and still have about 20 more pounds to go.  
  7. Whatcha thinking about this Republican field of nominees for 2012?  Here are my thoughts: 
  • Perry is embarrassing, and Cain is just underwater now... between his women issues and his continued misspeaks, even if he is a good leader, he is just a rotten candidate.  I wish either of these men (or both!) would be humble enough to recognize that they are a drag on the race and resign, but no, they just keep right on.  
  • Romney had a weird blip this week.  He was in a good position, to just wait it out and hope for Republicans come to the conclusion of his inevitability, but then he went and made this ad where he completely misrepresents something Obama said.  It's a flat-out lie.  I don't understand the reasoning behind this decision; he was sitting pretty and is now potentially in hot water.
  • Gingrich has somehow positioned himself as a smart, potentially palatable non-Romney.  I think he and Romney are battling it out for the top.
  • Paul is continuing to present the message of freedom and not being the world's bully.  People don't like that last part so much... but really, how has that approach (the "bring it on" mentality) worked for the last 12 or so years?  There's a reason why Ron Paul gets more donations from the US military servicemen than all other candidates combined.  He knows what he's talking about, in regard to both the budget & foreign-policy.
  • Bachman & Huntsman have actually both appeared more presidential & commanding with foreign policy issues in recent debates.  It is possible that one of them might have a chance, but it's a slim chance.  
  • Santorum's campaign confuses me.  I don't really know anyone who supports him and it makes me wonder if he's trying to run for veep?
What say you?  About the debate or any of the rest of this rambly post... I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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