Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Meeting with the Shaklee Owner

2011 10 05_8197
As you all should all know by now that I am a Shaklee Gold Ambassador and love it!!!
Besides God, my family and home, Shaklee is my next love!  (Is that obvious yet? lol)
I have been using Shaklee products for about 13 1/2 years now.
I recently went to a Shaklee Tour Meeting where I had VIP access!  There, I was able to talk to Roger Barnett, Shaklee’s Chairman & CEO.  I seriously love talking to him.  He is incredibly nice and sincerely thoughtful.  He talked to my husband and me for a while and he asked us about us!  Imagine that, a CEO of a huge Corporation taking his time to get to know us. 
I love this photo! Smile
2011 10 05_8200
After talking to us, Roger wanted us to go up on stage to tell our story!  That was really exciting for us!  We got up on stage in front of hundreds of people and told everyone a little about us and our Shaklee Story
Here I am with my Mom and sisters.
2011 10 05_8219
Here I am with Pat Hintze. He is so tall and I am so short. haha (Big shout out to his wife!!)
2011 10 05_8225
Here was the table the had set up of the Gold Plus Kit!
2011 10 05_82262011 10 05_82272011 10 05_82282011 10 05_82292011 10 05_82302011 10 05_82312011 10 05_82322011 10 05_8233
Here is another picture of some of the group we brought with us.  (Of course,  I was next to Roger!)
2011 10 05_8236
Here I am with Carlos Blanco.  He is an amazing man in our industry!  He broke all of Shaklee’s Leadership records!
2011 10 05_8238
Here I am with Dave Fleming and Justin Rose.  They work for Shaklee’s Home Office.
2011 10 05_8239
I am so grateful for Shaklee’s products and for them as a company too! Smile
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