Saturday, November 5, 2011

Family Updates

Hello everyone!  I have several news/updates for you!
This is some old info but I wanted to share some of the craziness that was going on around here behind the scene.
Well, Grace fell off a swing at my cousin’s house and broke her arm.  This was not good because it was her right hand and she is right handed.  Sad smile

2011 08 23_8025
to makes things even worse, the next week I broke my right foot!
YES, I was getting out of my kitchen chair and I twisted my foot just the right way to snap my 5th metatarsal in half.  I heard the crack and feel to the floor immediately!  I was home with the kiddos and they were wondering what happened to me. I knew instantly that it was broken.  I couldn’t move it all and it seemed to hang there, it was gross!
2011 09 17_8154
This made things really hard for me because I couldn’t walk or drive at all!  My foot hurt so bad and was soo swollen that I had to keep it elevated all day.
Apparently, this is a common break.  I was the 3rd person this happened to that day.  And do you want to know something weird, whenever I was out, about one or two people a day would come up to me and tell me that this happened to them too! 
I was shocked!!! 
Has this every happened to you or anyone you know?
Things quickly piled up around here!
2011 09 14_8049
I was very blessed because my Mother-in-Law came to our house within days of me braking my foot and stayed for a whole month!  She drove the kids to school, went shopping for me, cooked for us, did laundry, etc.  She was a huge help!
I was able to play with my kids on the floor!  That was a bonus!  Smile
2011 09 14_80412011 09 14_80432011 09 14_80452011 09 14_80472011 09 14_8087
Grace’s broken arm didn’t stop Grace from being her girlie self!
2011 09 17_8190
Then Grace had her cast taken off and I didn’t need my crutches anymore!
After that we were able  to enjoy life again!
We took the kids to a local scarecrow festival!  The kids had a blast!!
2011 10 09_87772011 10 09_87822011 10 09_88022011 10 09_88062011 10 09_88192011 10 09_88222011 10 09_88292011 10 09_88342011 10 09_88402011 10 09_88462011 10 09_88702011 10 10_86862011 10 10_86932011 10 10_87042011 10 10_87222011 10 10_87502011 10 10_87562011 10 10_87672011 10 10_8774
Now, I am out of my cast and we are getting back to normal!  It was a crazy busy month!
I got very behind on things because everything I did took me FOREVER to accomplish!  I was just doing the bear minimum!
I will keep you updated!
Have a great weekend! Smile
Bonnie :)


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