Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I think I may finally be getting my legs back under me.

I spent most of last week prepping for and then setting up at THE FANCY FLEA 

in downtown Lakeland, Florida.

Yesterday I completed a project I've been working on for months...soon to be revealed.

I arrived in Lakeland on Saturday at 5:30am ready to set up and sell sell sell.

A snafu was waiting for me. You see, a road race had accidently been scheduled for that morning for the same street that the flea market was on. 

So when I arrived I was told that because of the location of my booth I could only unload on the sidewalk and then had to wait until the last runner passed by to begin my set~up. That would be at almost 8am. Not the best news but what are ya' gonna do?

Unfortunately, this left me about an hour to throw my booth together rather than the three hours I was anticipating. It wasn't the final outcome I wanted but nobody seemed to notice.

The other disadvantage with the delay in setting up was that since I finished just as the show officially opened, I didn't get to take very many pics. 

Here's the one pic I got of my booth.

I made my way down the Avenue late in the afternoon to get some shots.

Robyn Story's booth was jam packed. She's an Annie Sloan stockist.

My friend Deb Mangual (Vintage Soul) in front of her booth.

Beth Colgrove and her pretty painted furniture.

Lisa (House of Envy) had a gorgeous booth and the most AMAZING tent topper I have ever seen.

Paris Rags.

I had the pleasure of getting to see my friend Laura from 52FLEA again and even meeting Mr. 52FLEA.


I finally met the lovely Ruth Harsham from THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. It was a great show and I plan to be a return vendor in the spring.

No road race please....


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