Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hot home accessory: the bicycle

In scandinavia bikes are definitely the favourite mode of transport - even in the snow! But when you live in a small apartment and you want to keep your precious ride safe where to put it? The good news is bikes are definitely one of the 'hot' interior accessories du jour!....

Picture Via Stylizimo

Picture: Fresh One

Picture: Via Freshome

Picture: Freshome
Picture: Misc - sorry I'm not sure where this picture is from, if you know please do let me know so I can provide credit!

Picture: The Selby

Picture: Mi Casa via SF Girl by Bay
What do you think? Crazy or lazy?! Hot or not?! The bike in the bedroom made me smile - are they going to have breakfast in bed and then hop on for work?! Either way, not sure I'd get that home styling passed my husband!


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