Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Annual Grape Harvest

Last year I remember waddling out to the vines to harvest a few bunches of grapes, pregnant with our son and daughter. Today they watched, eleven months old. It was very emotional for me. 

It was a good crop this year. We picked about 20 pounds of grapes, but there are at least five times that amount left unharvested. We hope to make our first batch of concord grape jam with them.

I ordered several preserve books last month and we've been pouring over various recipes to choose from. I really am quite excited to try the jam. Homemade grape jam is described as quite delicious - not at all like the grape jelly one remembers from childhood.  

Margaret (pictured above) and Graham were very content watching us harvest the grapes. We've been talking to them about the grapes since the first green cluster appeared on the vines months ago, so it's been wonderful to finally show them the bright purple fruit. 


You can read the story of our grapes here


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