Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes - #30

Here's another "7 Quick Takes":

  1. Herman, please stop.  "Since I've been campaigning all week, I haven't had an opportunity to sit down with her and walk through this with my wife and my family. I will do that when I get back home on Friday," Cain told reporters " -- It's painful to watch his arrogance and lack of concern for his family.  I can't imagine anything that would keep a respectable man from hopping on the next plan to his family, when accused of something like this, if false.  This is horrible to watch, and I wish he'd just retreat and let the Republican race continue without this being the top story.  There are much more important decisions to be made, and this perpetual Herman Cain/women story obscures the importance of the issues & decisions facing Republican voters.
  2. Are you listening to Christmas music now?  We are, but I'm kind of bummed, I lost about 1/2 of my Christmas music collection when my computer crashed last year.  I can't abide by cheesy or sub-par Christmas music, so it had taken me a while to build up not just tolerable, but enjoyable Christmas music (Sarah McLachlan, James Taylor, Reliant K, top-notch orchestras -- lots of good stuff).  So for now, I'm mainly settling for Pandora stations.
  3. I've been embroidering like mad.  I'm enjoying the fuel-for-ideas that comes from Pinterest.   Here's my embroidery board, if you want to get an idea of what I've been doing.
  4. Our ladies' Bible study group has been working through the book "What Did You Expect?", and though the cover looks like it was written in 1983, it was only published last year and is a wonderful book about marriage, expectations, and sanctification as believers.  It's very convicting in the very best ways.
  5. Doug's at an interview right now, as I type.  This whole transition (our family deciding to stay here in America) has been faith-rebuilding for me, as once again, God reminds me of how much He has always cared for and provided for us.  So many verses come to mind: "Remember the Lord," "The Father of Lights", "The Lord is near," "Forget not His benefits," "He cares for you," "Consider the birds of the air," "The Lord will indeed give what is good."  That is not to say I believe that God will make us wealthy or always comfortable, or that everything will be smooth and easy, but I really am confident that our needs will be met, because He cares for us.
  6. Yelling in anger.  Do you yell in your home?  I didn't until our oldest was about 4 or 5, and suddenly, the stress overpowered my will power, and down went the house of cards.  I began yelling at the children when I reached that "boiling point"; it became a pressure valve.  I'd rarely (almost never) yelled at Doug, but began yelling at the kiddos, and I've always hated it.   And of course they hate it too.

    So yesterday when a friend and I were discussing this sinful habit of ours, she shared something challenging and convicting-- that she was trying to fully get her head around the idea that God can help her stop it completely.  That it IS possible to never yell again.

    Something about that flipped a switch in my brain.  I began thinking and praying more fervently last night... I know it is God's will that I not yell in anger at my kiddos (I say "in anger", because I have no problem yelling a name across the house if I'm cooking and need to tell them something... I just want to ditch the angry yelling), and I know that they hate it.  It is hurtful and it is like poison in our home.  It changes the tone and uses intimidation and bullying to accomplish the desired effect, rather than patiently continuing to teach and love them.  I would never throw acid in my child's face, and yet, I will spew angry words?  That doesn't make sense, and it's not right.

    So I am praying that God will work this change in my life... that He will restrain me, that He will enable me to be self-controlled and REMEMBER the distasteful nature of this sin.  That I will not excuse it, or justify it, but that He will help me cut it out of my life.  Please ask me about it.
  7. Check out this bit of hilarity:  Jeff Tweedy (lead singer of Wilco) singing the Black Eyed Peas' "I Got A Feeling".  It shows the inanity of pop-song lyrics.


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