Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My sweet friend BECKY hosted another of her fabulous soiree's last Saturday
where I rubbed elbows with the likes of RUTH  (THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE), VICKI (RUSTY ROOSTER VINTAGE), JESSICA (STELLAR JUNK), and CAROL (no blog but still fabulous).


BECKY'S home was gorgeous as always and she blew us all away with the tablescape.

The centerpiece on the table was a Martha Stewart pompom studded with vintage Christmas ornaments.

At each place setting was a hand~selected goody basket assembled with the recipient in mind.

Fleur de sel caramels 

Some enjoyed wine, some mango margaritas. After a bit of nosh, we sat down to get craftin'.

 Left to right: Ruth, Becky, Carol and Vicki

Left to right: Becky, Carol, Vicki, Jessica, and Ruth

Left to right: Becky, Carol and Jessica

Left to right: Ruth (foreground), Becky, Carol, Vicki, and Jessica

The craft~du~jour was a banner. Here's mine in the initial stages. I'll show you in another post where it ended up.

Here's BECKY'S...

PAIX...French for PEACE.

And finally, JESSICA brought the neatest hostess gift.

Several of these FABULOUS reusable shopping bags fashioned after antique grain sacks.


You best believe I went straight there after the get together and snagged an armful!

Stay tuned for the wrap~up (lol) of my simple Christmas here in the LAND OF PEA.


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