Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Grace

The door is dressed in garland and holly. 

The amaryllis are growing like graceful winter swans... 

that flourish into bright trumpet blossoms. 

The hint of sweet citrus from the paper whites...

melds perfectly with the fragrance of the evergreen garland. 

Holly wreaths adorn the doors and mirrors.

The holly is prickly to the touch, but so beautiful once it's in place. 

But by far, the most exciting and gracious part of our December 
has been celebrating the babies' birthdays. 

Our beautiful son and daughter turned one this past weekend. I took in an emotional breath as we celebrated our first year with the loveliest gifts we've ever known. They are perfect little miracles, and I still revel in being so blessed to be their mother.

To celebrate, we made them a birthday pie from their 
pumpkin (pumpkin birthday cake will have to wait until next year). 

Although hesitant at first, they liked their birthday pie very much! 

The more I try to get Graham and Margaret to look at the camera, the more serious their expressions become. My mom often sings itsy bitsy spider behind me, so we also have a lot of pictures with their eyes following itsy bitsy spider up the water spout (like Margaret in this one). 

May the spirit of the holiday season fill your homes with love, laughter 
and the blessings of your wonderful families. 



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