Friday, January 13, 2012

Best of 2011 {Favorite Posts}

I am so loving the everyone’s “Best Of” posts!!!  Today is link up your favorite blog posts of the year!  There are no limits, just try to link back to my blog.  I linked about a ton of cleaning post along with my other faves of the year! 

best of 2011

Let’s get started…

Pressure Washing your House Naturally with Basic H

2011 06 26_5893

Fall Cleaning Schedule: Do you have one?


Get Clean Review by Under the Table and Dreaming

How to Kill of Ants Naturally

2011 06 04_5577

Cleaning Tip of the Day: Clean Out your Dryer Lint

2011 05 31_5388

Shaklee’s Basic G {Germicide}

2010 07 26_7637

Shaklee Cleaning Review


Spring Cleaning Dusting Routine

2010 03 29_1909

Spring Cleaning has Begun

2011 03 16_2995

How to Clean Your Bathroom in 11 Minutes


How to Organize your Cleaning Schedule

2010 01 12_2394

How to Clean your Oven: The Ultimate Shaklee Test

Another Shaklee Review plus How to Clean your Car Interiors


Thrifty Decor Chick Loves Shaklee!

Micowaves, and stains, and toilets, Oh My!

How to Order Shaklee in Canada


Scour Off Review: Ovens, Calcium, Showers and More!

How to Edit Pictures with

before and after

How to Earn Money from Home: Part 1 My Story

2010 07 06_7018

How to Earn Money from Home: Part 2 My Company

How to Earn Money from Home: Part 3 My Products


How to Pamper Yourself at Home

2011 02 01_2158

How to Date your Husband

2010 12 18_2464

My Garage Sale Prep

2011 04 11_3343

My Trip to Shaklee Headquarters

2011 05 19_5028

How to Bring on Good Health for Kids

2011 07 10_6589

How to Mix Basic H {video}

My Trip to Washington D.C.

2011 08 12_7258

Do you Know What you are Eating?

photo (25)

I can’t wait to see what ya’ll link up.  Please just link back to me.  I am ready to pin away!!!


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