Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Delightful children's rooms with great storage ideas

Morning! There's nothing like a lovely children's room to brighten up the day. My little girls are only teeny (3 and 1!) and share a room (i thought it would be lovely for them to natter away after the lights have gone out). The problem is they've so many 'things'!! And we who love interior design know that lots of little things don't always make for a pretty room.  but these delightful rooms show that there are ways to store and be practical and most importantly pretty!!! 

Via Deligheder
Hus o Hem

Via The boo and the boy

Helén Pe

Via The boo and the boy
I do love me a bit of vintage children's room. Only one pic here today, but there's lots of wonderful inspiration out there. For example, check out this post at wonderful blog the boo and the boy. I believe that no home is complete without at least one item older than yourself, what do you reckon?


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