Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Splurges, Once a Year


Every January I treat myself to some little splurges, thanks to the birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.  I always seem to have my eye on a few specific things throughout the year that I hope will still be there for my special birthday spree.  The funny thing is, my splurges (almost always) come from Anthropologie. 

It never fails… every year after trying on some delightful little numbers in Anthropologie’s dressing room, I end up walking out of the store with things for my home instead. I like pretty clothes as much as the next girl, but I love home décor more.

This past year, my eye was on The Noble Peasant Shower Curtain.  But yikes, the price!  I couldn’t justify it until January.  Did you know if you have their Anthro card (not a credit card), they’ll send you a 15% off  coupon for your birthday month?  That eases the guilt… a little.  So, the curtain is what I walked out with this year


It’s romantic without looking girly.  Does that make sense?  A lovely subtle damask design sweeps the top and bottom.  The fabric is a thick linen and is lined. 

It’s quite luxurious but looks hilariously out of place in our dreadful bathroom.  Here’s the current state of things:


Do I exaggerate?  No.  We won’t be finishing the bathroom renovation for quite some time.  As silly as it seems, it’s rather nice to have something pretty hanging amidst all the ugly. 

An additional perk of shopping at Anthropologie, is that their packaging can sometimes be as sweet as the product inside.  The curtain came packaged in a zippered linen pouch… perfect to make a pillow out of.  So that’s what I did:


Two gifts in one!


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