Monday, February 20, 2012

A lovingly renovated Norwegian home dating back to the 1800's.

Morning! It's beautifully sunny here today and the sea is iced over as far as the eye can see BRRRRR! So cosiness (and charm) is the order of the day and this home has oodles of it! It's the renovated home of blogger Monica Bromseth of Karlottes Hjem and her family in Norway. Built in the 1800's the house has so much history, once the home of the community's first midwife,  it has also been the village post office and a general store! If walls could tell stories, this home could write a library!

All pictures via NIBS
Is this house fanstic or what? I LOVE all the wonderful vintage finds and that it's crammed full of unique ideas! very inspiring! Thank you, Monica for allowing me to share these pics of your home. Have a lovely Monday!


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