Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cosmetics and Chemicals!!

Hello!!  How is your weekend so far?  My MIL just left this morning.  We had a great and busy week!!  We probably won't see her again until after the baby comes so it was great to have her here this week.  We moved our guest room into the basement and it looks great so far.  I still need to take pics and hopefully I can show you later this week.  

This morning, I took the kids to gymnastics and I hit up the gym.  Today,  I did some incline walking, squats, push-ups and inner and outer thigh!  That was enough for me and now I feel like jello, lol!  It's a good/bad feeling and I will probably be feeling it for a day or two, haha!  

If you emailed me this week, I will respond today since I wasn't emailing this week.  Today is my catch-up day! I have 3 pages of emails to respond to!  Thanks so much for your patience!!

Since I took the week off of blogging, I have one last guest post to share.  I think you will really like it!!


Hi everyone!  I’m Krysta, back from Steen Health Solutions.  Thanks Bonnie for having me back to guest post again!

The more I delve into living a healthier lifestyle, the more I learn about my environment and products I am using. This is good...and bad. On one hand, I am learning a TON, but some days I am left feeling like it isn't safe to get out of bed in the morning!

Anywho, the more I learn about chemicals in cosmetics (and this doesn't just include makeup, but shampoo and deodorant too!), the more I wonder when enough will be enough!
The stuff some companies are putting in their products is downright AWFUL and TOXIC people.

This graphic pretty much speaks for itself, but I find it rather interesting that the European government bans over 1000 chemicals that our government does not, nor does the FDA regulate cosmetic chemicals. Say what?

Infographic courtesy of CosmetologySchool.Org

Thanks again Bonnie for having me back!  

You can follow me on Facebook here or on my blog!  Have an awesome day!


Thanks so much Krysta!!  

What a great post!!

What kind of make-up do you use?  Is it natural?  How do you like it?

Have a great weekend!

Bonnie :)


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