Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parisian artist's home in a former button factory

It's Friiiiiiiday! YAY! And to celebrate I thought I'd post the beautiful home of stylist Virginie Denny and artist Alfonso Vallés. If you love Elle Decoration UK or are an avid interior design blog reader you'll have seen this home, in a former 1920's button factory, before. There's even a You Tube clip of it! But I just couldn't resist sharing the pictures again for the weekend! There are so many great colours, vintage finds and 'green' touches. A wonderful piece of art in itself!

Photography Petra Bindel via Pure Green Magazine
There's an interesting piece in Pure Green Magazine, which focuses on how concrete flooring like this is actually very green. Check it out here! And see more pics of this beautiful parisian home here.
I hope you have a lovely weekend, any great plans?! Me, I'm off to a spa tonight with a friend - I love me a little luxury and pampering from time to time!


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