Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Flowers and Some Visitors

Against the dull grey skies of winter, the azalea is luminous in spring color. I couldn't resist bringing this one home from our local grocery store the other day. Wrapped with bright red cellophane, I think it was left over from Valentine's Day. I removed the wrapping and gave it a new home in this 
wicker and tin planter. 

The other morning we also had some visitors who refreshed our perspective, even though they were here for just a few moments. In the early morning light we caught a glimpse of our local elk herd migrating along the edge of our field. About seventy strong, these majestic creatures gave us an intimate glimpse into, and a reminder of, the larger world of wonder outside our door.

I was able to get a quick photo, although the fallen branches from our winter ice storm several weeks ago obscured the herd. These elk have migrated through our property since long, long before we arrived. They reminded us that, in a sense, we are the real visitors on this land. 

It was one day in a whole year. And within that day, it happened for just a few brief minutes.  We were  lucky and just happened to be looking out the window when the seventy or so elk streamed through, ever so quietly. It was a beautiful thing to witness, and makes us so very humble to be a part of this great glorious world filled with so many majestic and amazing creatures. 


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