Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Basement is Done!!!

I am soooo excited about this post!!  Are basement is finished!!!
Actually, it was done for about a month already.  Can you tell that I am behind in blogging, lol?  You can always find up-to-date photos on my facebook because I am on that daily.
Alright, ready for the tour?
Let’s start by walking down.
Here are the stairs.  Nothing fancy!  In fact, there is nothing fancy about anything in the basement.  It is just a nice, clean, open space for now and will probably stay for a while because of our lack of time and money.  Plus, our kids are loving the open area to run and play.

2012 01 19_0323
We had the stairs wrapped in carpet.
2012 01 19_0332
As you are walking down, we have a guest room on the right.
2012 01 19_0325
2012 01 19_03262012 01 19_0327
It has a small walk-in closet.
2012 01 19_0329
Here is my office! I am so, so, so excited about having an office of my own!! I never thought I would be a working mom so I never thought we needed an office! It just happened and I have to say that it was one of the best decisions that I ever made!!! Before this, I had a laptop and several traveling office bins for my paperwork and supplies. One of the good things about my business is that I don’t carry any inventory or need that much space so that worked fine for me. I still don’t really need this much space but I will take it, lol!! I also can’t wait to fill the walls with cute photos for inspiration!
I used a light blue color in my office for several reasons!  I know that it doesn’t go with anything else in the house but I love it!  First,  I love the color!  I think it has great energy!  It’s fun and motivating!  Plus, I love that it is a earthy color because I work for natural company and it just goes and I feel very inspired to work when I am in it!   
2012 01 19_0324
The room isn’t that big and I wanted it open. It only has 3 walls. Since I have almost four kids and work when they are home, I wanted to be able to see them. I didn’t want to be closed and away from them. When I need peace and quiet, I hire a babysitter to watch them.  From where my desk will be, I will be able to see right into the family room! I planned it that way! Winking smile
2012 01 19_0362
I will also be able to see what they are watching on tv.
2012 01 19_0363
2012 01 19_0365
Here is a view looking into my office.
2012 01 19_0366
Here is a view of the stairs and guest room doorway.
2012 01 19_0360
Here is the view of the hallway.  The stairs are on the left and my office is on the right.  We made the hallways 5 ft. wide for lots of space.  We also had the bathroom door angled for a more open feeling.
2012 01 19_0339
2012 01 19_0334
Here is a peek into the bathroom.  We still need to find a mirror.
2012 01 19_0335
We got everything for our whole basement from Home Depot.
2012 01 19_0337
Here is our family room.  My husband wants to put a TV down there so he had everything pre-wired.  Behind that door is our sub pump.  Seriously, why do the builders put those kind of things in the worst places?
2012 01 19_0340
Here is our little basement kitchen.  We have a door but we still need to cut it down a bit.  Our carpet is so thick that all the doors needed to be cut.  For now I am leaving the fridge handle on that side because I can’t open it all the way when we switch it.  Plus, it doesn’t bother me.
2012 01 19_0341
Here is a closer view!  I am excited about the extra cabinet space!!!
2012 01 19_0342
Here is a picture of the hallway again so you can kind of see the layout.
2012 01 19_0343
Here is another family room angle.
2012 01 19_0344
More angle pics!
2012 01 19_03452012 01 19_03462012 01 19_0347
Behind those doors are our unfinished workout/storage room.
2012 01 19_03482012 01 19_03492012 01 19_03502012 01 19_03512012 01 19_03522012 01 19_03532012 01 19_03542012 01 19_03562012 01 19_03582012 01 19_0359
So there is the grand tour!  I hope that you enjoyed it!! We LOVE our basement and the kids are loving a place to go during the winter to change things up!
Do you use your basement?  Is it finished?
Have a great weekend!
Bonnie :)


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