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What We Eat in a Week Party

Some of my most frequently asked questions are about what we eat. 

 I always wanted to write this post but to be honest, I always forget to take pictures, lol.  I know I don’t need pictures but you all know how I like them.  I decided that it would be easiest to just use my phone because that is always handy.  So I have been taking pics of my food through the week with my phone. 
My meal planning is always changing depending on the season.  I noticed during the winter season, I am making more hot, “chicken and potato” kinda meals and during the summer we eat fresh salads and BBQ almost every night.

Alright, let’s talk about meal planning! 

To be completely honest, I use a meal plan on and off!  I need to do it more but sometimes I have a hard time sticking to it.  I do think it makes it easier though.  If I do meal plan, I don’t plan out day to day exactly,  I plan more of what we will eat that week and then I pick the meal on the day.  Sometimes my husband works late so I like to make a better meal when he eats with us.  Since, I don’t own/use a microwave, I need to take my meat out of the freezer in the morning to defrost.

Many of you know that we choose to eat pretty healthy!  I buy most of our food at Trader Joe’s with the exception of our milk and eggs because we get those delivered from Oberweis.  I get all of our meal bars, protein shakes, sports drinks, and supplements from Shaklee and sometimes I go to the local farmer’s market.  We try our best to eat preservative free, very low sugar, no artificial ingredients, very little processed foods, mostly organic, dye free, low glycemic index, low carb, etc.

I grew up eating this way and love it!  It takes more time prep time, cook time and clean up but I feel that it is worth it!!  My husband (who grew up eating tv dinners) loves how I cook and totally supports me in cooking this way.  He feels amazing and healthy!  Our kids are also great with it.  They absolutely LOVE eating fresh fruits and veggies and they don’t know anything else.

Let’s start with breakfast!

This is usually the same each morning.  I make them eggs, whole wheat toast/bagel, and a fruit (usually strawberries, oranges, blueberries, apple slices, raspberries or blackberries.)  They drink water or milk with breakfast or the occasional orange juice.  They also take a multivitamin/mineral, DHA chew, and a Vitamin C each morning.

If we are in a hurry, I will make them a breakfast protein and fruit smoothie, which they love.

Sometimes, I will make them oatmeal with flaxseeds.

On the weekends, we like to eat a special, big breakfast.  My husband actually cooks breakfast on the weekend mornings.  He mostly loves to make a garbage omelet or something with eggs because that’s what he loves!

I love when he makes me my favorite… smoked salmon and egg sand on half a toasted whole wheat English muffin with cream cheese!  It is amazing!!

Sometime we will make homemade waffles or pancakes.  (We even grind our own grain.)  The kids 
love to help out!

I also love to drink Cinch protein shakes be
cause it is a great meal replacement and helps me maintain a healthy weight.

I take my Vitalizer for Women and Vivix everyday!

Next, let’s talk lunch!

For lunch, we eat a variety of different things.  Sometimes we eat leftovers but we mostly love to eat fresh fruits, veggies and a protein.  (I will pack similar things for Gracie’s lunch.)

Sometimes, I will have another Cinch Shake but I will mostly always have my Cinch Tea because I love it and it keeps my going through the day.


We love snacks!  We eat snacks after we pick up Grace from school.
We will eat fruit, veggies nuts or popcorn. Sometimes I will have a protein snack bar.

I love to drink lemon water.

Dinner Time!

Ah, dinner time!!  When I was taking pictures of our food, I had to laugh because it seems that I have been making chicken a lot, lol.  I do make it a lot but I usually mix it up a little more than this, haha!  Well, what can I say, that’s what we like.  I like to cook like my Mom and Grandma did… back to the basics!  I try to include a protein, veggie or two, and a healthy grain.  If you eat dessert, it is always a fresh fruit.

Here are some dinners that I recently made…

Once in a while, usually on a Friday night, I like to have a pizza night!  We will order a pizza or go out.   
Ok, I love Lou’s!!! lol

Some other examples of our family’s favorites are:





chicken wings

lots of salads

beef stew

anything Mexican


You can see more of my recipes here!

Bonnie :)


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