Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Easy Way to Hang a Double Hook Frame

I have a little secret!  It is a little embarrassing!  Do you want to hear it?  Ok, ready…

I am am not a very good DIYer!  That’s right!

I wish I was… I really do!  My Mom can do everything and so many other women bloggers can do so much.  I am really impressed by all of them but honestly, every time I try to a “real” project (the kind that requires tools)  I feel like I mess up.
But me waiting for my husband to do everything for me isn’t working either.  

He does a lot but he only has so much time and he also needs to spend time with the family so I decided I would attempt this small project by myself.

I had this cute Pottery Barn Collage frame for a very long time and thought it was time to hang it myself.  I can hang pictures but not the double hook ones.  Well, I can but I leave a thousand holes behind the picture, hehe!

This is the wall that I wanted my frame on.

Here is the back of the frame.  I took painters tape and taped the back from hook to hook.

Then, I made a hole where the nail would go.

Then I placed the tape on the wall where I wanted it and then used a level to make sure it was straight.

Next, I screwed in the drywall screw and the regular screw.  Then, I placed the frame over the screws.

YES… It worked!! No Mistakes, No Holes, No Crying!!

I know this isn’t a huge project but those double hooks used to scare me and now I feel like a pro, lol!

How about you,  do you hang your own photos?  

Do you have any tricks?

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)


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