Tuesday, March 20, 2012

“Before Door” and Demolition

I love organization, and I enjoy keeping on top of things when it comes to our home.  But my computer is a mess.  I have all of our pictures scattered randomly on three different computers.  Because of this, I have a hard time finding photos when I need them.  Especially “before” photos. 

Anyway… as I was doing some picture rearranging today, I discovered this before picture of our front door. It also shows the original white aluminum trimwork. Yum.


And here is the after taken today (Bailey asked to pose again):


Looks nice and bright on the outside, but beginning this week, that pretty door will lead inside to destruction and mayhem and hopefully not death. 

It’s finally come time to replace the floor joists on the second floor.  Which also means the whole ceiling for the first floor, since they are one in the same.  MAJOR work that my husband and boys are oddly excited for.  Testosterone=destroying things with sledgehammers.


They replaced some of the joists already (above picture) soon after moving in, but found out a little too late that the size of the boards was not up to code.  Those pesky codes.  But we love the inspectors.  LOVE.  THEM.  (they might be reading this) So all the new has to come down along with the old:


For the last ten months this was our living room ceiling.  Might not have been so bad if it wasn’t for the insulation billowing out the sides. 


We’ve also been cohabitating with some old (unoccupied) wasp nests attached to the old joists.  Unnerving?  Yes.  Needless to say, I’m happy to see it all go.  And happy that the girls and I will be “vacationing” at my parents house until it’s all over.  Yeah, we’re wimps. 


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