Monday, March 12, 2012

Butterfly Dreams

We hung a garland of Monarch butterflies over Graham's crib and he loves them. 

Their glowing orange wings are a-flutter over sweet baby dreams. 

The nursery has evolved into Graham's room for the most part, where he sleeps at night and during his naps. Margaret is still sleeping in the crib upstairs. We're never really in here otherwise, except to change diapers on the changing table and to get clothes from the armoire. 

All of their toys are in the living room because it's more centrally located and also much bigger to explore - and they are exploring. Both are now walking and it is absolutely adorable. They are keeping me on my toes!  

Here are a few noisy friends of ours...

What's a monkey say? Ooh-ooh-ooh....Ahh-ahh-ahh
What's an owl say? Whoooo - Whoooo



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