Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Out and About

During our house renovation, we spent a great deal of time at Rejuvenation in Portland, which carries salvage and reproduction hardware, house parts, lighting, furniture and all sorts of specialty items. Back then they also carried plumbing, although this has recently been discontinued. 

They were a great resource for us, starting with our first clawfoot tub which we purchased just a few days after we got the keys to the house. That first tub - an enthusiastic and charismatic, but misguided first purchase! It spent nearly six months being shuffled around various locations of the house in order to be out of the way while we completed the main floor renovation around it. We followed that purchase with many more. Next up were the farmhouse sink, a second clawfoot tub, and the rest of the plumbing fixtures.  We also purchased all of our window, door and cabinet hardware from them, as well as our porch light fixtures and most of our indoor fixtures as well. 

We stopped by the store again recently - here are a few photos from the visit. 

Although we didn't get the brackets for our kitchen shelves from them, they do have a wonderful selection.  

Here's our family portrait! 

I love their selection of antique hardware. You can read a post my friend Steve did at An Urban Cottage to learn an easy way to remove paint from hardware.

Here is Foley helping us with some research. She helped us a tremendous amount during our renovation. 

I fell in love with this couch! 

I didn't dare get too close to this display while I was holding Margaret in my arms, but think that this may be a mixture of old and new. 

All of their reproduction shades are displayed on this open shelf. For our kitchen light, we were able to fit one of these to an antique schoolhouse base that I'd had been saving for many years. 

The babies' favorite part of our visit was getting down to run around in this big open space. It's extra cute to us because this was the first day that Graham and Margaret were wearing big kid shoes. They were laughing up a storm as they toddled back and forth. 

Graham is trying out the Simpson door that inspired our exterior front doors. This display was actually very helpful because, as we learned from our renovation experience, it's quite common to have to order items without seeing them firsthand. So having a display to view major items like windows and doors was very helpful and eased pre-order jitters significantly. 

Margaret is making sure to check prices...note, new shoes! 

Here is Margaret inspecting the Marvin windows, which are what we used throughout our house. 

Apparently, Rejuvenation was just acquired by Williams Sonoma and will be expanding beyond their Portland and Seattle stores. I think it's great because I admire their ethic of recycling original and classic house parts. But I also admire that they inspire people to restore their old homes through their great reproduction line. 

Soon I'll tell you what brought us to the store! We are indeed working on a little project this spring...details to follow. 


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