Friday, March 2, 2012

Soul Care #3- Begin Today.

"Soul care begins with time.  We can begin with small time commitments.  By tinkering here, cleaning and polishing there, we refurbish the soul.  Some may need to 'get away from it all' for a major overhaul, but for most of us, day-by-day maintenance will add up to soul care.  Now is the time to begin."  ~Stephen W. Smith, Embracing Soul Care

Do you care for your soul?  By that I mean, do you take time for rest, reflection, and restoration?  Are you taking advantage of the current resources available to you in order to get the "refurbishing" your soul needs?  We don't all have the same resources... but God knows where you are and has purposes for your life where you are right now.  

Consider: What resources do you have available to you, and are you making good use of them?  Is there a ladies' Bible study you could join that would give you the opportunity to connect with other women, and go deeper in Scripture?  Do you have a friend you could trade off with (caring for your children), once every month or so, to give each of you a day of rest and reflection every so often?  Do you have a book on your shelf that you need to read more diligently to fuel your mind & heart?  Are you surrounding yourself with Scripture in your home to encourage and challenge you as you go about your days?  Is there something practical you could change in your daily life that would reduce your stress & give you more time/mental space for "soul care"?

Smith writes this about soul care: "it figures out what truly matters in life and then realigns the self to those higher priorities.... it slows down the frenetic lifestyle to make time for the soul."    

We sell ourselves short when, whether as a businessman or as a homeschool mom, our lives become about achieving, doing, and performing.  God looks at our soul-- not at our outward appearance, not at our checked off (or unchecked) to do list.

Smith encourages us to be more curious-- "Curiosity invites us to wonder, 'What is God up to in my life? What is He doing in the world?' A curious soul seeks to know God and appreciate His ways."

Look around you, and look in your heart.  Where is God at work?  What things do you sense that the Potter is trying to shape in your life?  Do you see something He is doing that you can take part in?

As you look in your heart and in your world, what do you see God doing?  How can you join in?  What things might you need to stop doing in order to "realign" yourself to those higher priorities?  How can you begin, today, to care for your soul?


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