Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soul Care: Daily Giveaway #4

Congrats to those who have already won this great book: Jessica B, Erin M., and Kate!!!

This week, I'm giving away a wonderful book by Steven W. Smith, called Embracing Soul Care: Making Space For What Matters Most.  I've been writing a series sharing ideas and encouragement from the book, and Mr. Smith wrote and offered  FIVE copies for me to give away through Making Home!  

Today is the 4th giveaway.  Every day this week you will have an opportunity to win this book.  Each day, I'm asking you to answer one question in the comments & leave your name & e-mail information (so that I can get in contact with you if you win)!

In Psalm 19:7, we are told that Scripture "revives the soul".  Many of the Psalms were used for worship by Jews & within the early church.  Throughout my life, as I've experienced various emotions, I have noticed that I can always find a "voice" to express my heart in the Psalms.  Smith points out, "The psalmists honesty helps us articulate the deep stirring of our own souls."

Do you have a favorite psalm?  If so, please share it... if not, please share something you have noticed in Psalms that communicates to you.... perhaps the expression of human needs, or the intimate communication with God, or the awe & wonder toward His creation.  
PLEASE SHARE YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS, along with your name & e-mail address/way to contact you, and you'll be entered in the giveaway for today!  Thanks! 

    *** Contest Details: Entries will be taken until 8pm CST, at which point I will use a random number generator to select the winner.  I will announce the winner both in the comments of this post & at the top of tomorrow's post.  ***

    Don't forget to LEAVE A COMMENT w/ your answer, name, and e-mail address!!!


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