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How to Stay in Control!!

Good morning!! :)

Today, I am back with another weekly contributor post!  I just love this one on staying in control!  

Meet Jaima...

Hi there! I’m so excited to be this week’s Blog Contributor for Bonnie (isn’t she amazing and motivating)! My name is Jaima and I blog at Ring Around the Rosies! I am an all natural, gluten free Mama to a toddler princess and I love sharing information on finding peace and balance in your home and life! From time and money saving freezer meals, to keeping the babies busy!

Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite tips on simplifying life in your home! And, if you’d like more join my facebook community!
I have found that when I get up just 15 minutes before I know my daughter will wake up the day goes much smoother. Maybe it’s because I have a few moments to gather myself instead of being woken up by crying. Maybe it’s because I go ahead and dress myself and get her a cup a milk for I know their will be limited chances to do it throughout the day. And I know she’ll be demanding it as soon as I go get her. Regardless, those few minutes set the tone for my day.
I also find it much easier to prepare her meals when she’s not demanding them. It is hard to think and get a good meal together when there’s a toddler whining as she begs for you to pick her up. Whether I do it ahead of time like these smoothies, or while she’s playing quietly or napping, it saves me the whiny headache.  


Something else I like to do before she wakes up, or while she’s quietly eating breakfast is throw a load of laundry in the wash. If I can do 1 small load a day, it is much more likely that I won’t let it get out of control (like I’m known to do). I’d rather wash, dry, fold and put away a small load than save it all for 1 day a week and have a mountain (or two).


Once a month, I have all of the essentials delivered to my house. I never have to run out of laundry soap or vitamins, and it’s a few less things I have to put on my Target list (that I often forget) and carry in the house. With Shaklee, I save 25% off my purchases on autoship! Double Win if you ask me.


Either once a month, or once a week I try to menu plan! It saves me so much money and the thought of “let’s just go out”. I try to keep some things in the pantry at all times, but others, I buy twice a month depending on what’s on my list! Here’s a sample of the sheet I created to put in a page protector on my fridge! (subscribe to my newsletter for this and other free printables).


I no longer sweat the toys strewn all over the house during the day anymore. Now, we pick them up together before naptime and before bedtime. Any that we miss, I can throw in this basket outside of her door until she wakes up. I seriously LOVE this table and basket.


One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) thing I try to do to keep our 980 sq foot home balanced and flowing well is staying organized! Every thing has to have a place, and we have to be able to easily locate it and see what we have. I am also constantly purging things that doesn’t serve a purpose or have a special meaning. It is sooo freeing to let go of stuff. Try it!


Do you ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over? I did. I often have a house full of 20 year old boys my brother’s friends (whom I’m thankful still come around). They’ve never had to clean up after themselves before and leave messes for me… What did I do?


I made a permanent reminder for them on the inside of the microwave door! Now I don’t have to clean up their midnight messes!

Another mess boys make? The toilet. Yes. I have no idea how they do it. My solution:


I hung a toilet brush with a 3M hook on the side of the toilet. This is also good for guests who may make an embarrassing mess. And, I also did it in our master bathroom too. It’s so easy for me to walk by and clean it really quick! I very rarely use anything to clean the bowl itself (because it just doesn’t get THAT dirty). Weekly, I wipe the handles and under the cover with Shaklee’s Basic G!

And there you have a few of my favorite tips to save your sanity and establish control and create balance in your home. I hope you’ll share your favorite tips as well! Be sure to find me on facebook and let me know what you thought!


Great tips Jaima!! :)

Thanks so much for sharing.  It has been an honor having you here today!! (Did you know that Jaima is famous for her freezer meals?)  

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great weekend!

Bonnie :)


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