Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lily of the Valley

We were beside ourselves with excitement (Graham, Margaret and I) after stumbling across Lily of the Valley at our favorite grocery store in Portland last week. 

They smell so beautiful. 

Although very pretty as they were, I thought I'd dress them up a bit for the Easter holiday. Luckily the grocery store also had baskets, so we knew exactly what we'd do when we got home. 

After lining the basket with plastic for watering, we added a ribbon, a little nest and a layer of moss. 

I've always loved live Easter baskets with growing grass or live flowers. However, we agreed (Graham, Margaret and I) that the live basket was a little too grown up for our curious little 15 month-old selves...we still like putting everything into our mouths - whether interesting, pretty or just plain curious. 



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