Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yellow Ranunculus

As I was paying for our groceries at the grocery store yesterday, off in the distance I heard someone yelling quite frantically, "Wait, wait, wait!"

Lo and behold it was Hubby. As he got closer, I could see that he was grasping two bunches of beautiful yellow ranunculus to his chest.

Thrusting the flowers at the cashier, he turned to me with exasperated relief and said, "I can't believe I almost forgot the flowers!"

I think I'm remembering this story correctly...

Note: After reading several comments, I should clarify that I was totally kidding in my account of who played which roles in our flower purchase.  ; ) Although I think Hubby enjoys pretty flowers, I don't think the day will ever come (bless his heart) that he will initiate their purchase!  ; )


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