Friday, May 11, 2012

A cool swedish guesthouse in Amsterdam

It's LE WEEKEND!!!! HOOOORAY! If you fancy a last minute mini-break you could do better than to pack your bags and book a couple of nights at Maison Rika in Amsterdam. The brainchild of Swedish stylist-turned-desginer Ulrika Lundgren, Maison Rika is a beautiful monochrome style guest house and small gallery space / showroom for Lundgren's work. Thanks to the wonderful April and May blog for the inspiration!.....

Maison Rika Via April and May
In some of the pics, such as the stairwell you can spot a star, which is very much the 'vintage hollywood meets contemporary rock'n roll' Rika label trademark.

I am pretty sure I'd enjoy a weekend surrounded by graphical prints and a beautiful mix of funriture. I might even pop into Amsterdam for a wander while I'm at it!! What d'ya reckon?


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