Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A renovated Swedish fisherman's cottage

Hej there! For the Swedes out there, I hope you had a lovely Valborg! My family and I sailed up the coast to a beautiful old fishing village on Sweden's South West coast where the girls helped light the bonfire. A photographer friend cycled down to the harbour on his long john the following morning to collect us for breakfast at his home. It was such a beautiful house, built in the 1860's by a fisherman. I couldn't resist borrowing his tripod and whipping round to take a few photos........

All photos: My Scandinavian Home

They've done tonnes of work on the house, knocking through walls, lowering floors, building an extension. Much of the Danish sitting room furniture was bought on the auction site Lauritz which they then upholstered. ....... I think the result is incredible! 

PS I know my photography is need of a little improvement and it was quite embarrassing letting my friend look through the pictures! However, he did give me one great tip: use F20 when photographing interiors as it will give you a wider focus range and sharper detail across the room. Next time.... :)


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