Thursday, May 24, 2012

Harbour Cottage, Maine

I have a dream home. It's a cottage over looking a remote, wild coast with the beach on our door step. The winters are wild and romantic with blustery walks on the dunes followed by cosy knits in front of a fire and the summers are spent with morning dips, crabbing and paddling in rock pools with my girls. Balmy evenings with bonfires on the beach and ever changing views. OK I'm getting carried away.But you get the picture! If you don't, this beautiful former General Store in Maine owned by Fiona And Tony Hooper, now renovated into a holiday home may help set the scene. According to Meghan at Wishful Thinking the tide comes up so high it laps at the front door. And behind that door is everything a cottage should be. And it's up for rent...YAAAAAAY! 

Renovated by Architect: Sheila Narusawa Photography / source: Design Skool via Wishful Thinking

If I had a cottage I would definitely go for this beautiful white, pale grey and and light wood scheme. I love that it's kept very basic so that the spectacular views over the bay do all the talking.

I also really love the geometric mustard yellow and white blanket. I wonder where it's from? It reminds me a little of the blankets and textiles from Ferm Living.

Can someone tell me, what's Maine like? I think it could be worth a visit....x

PS Thank you so much to Justine Hand for allowing me to use her lovely photos. There is a great write up on her blog about this home and some of the work Sheila Narusawa put into the renovation.


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