Monday, May 28, 2012

How to Kill of Ants (and other bugs) Naturally

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Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend! :) We had a great time with our family 

We got rid of some ants!

First, we moved and vacuumed everything!!

2011 06 02_5581
2011 06 04_5576 
I had them help because they helped make the mess!  hehe

2011 06 04_5577 
Then I washed the carpet with Basic H and G!

2011 06 04_5578 
I also did more research about killing ants naturally and I found this from another Shaklee Distributor.

Fill a pint spray bottle with 1/3 Basic H and 2/3 water while mixing gently. Follow the trail of ants and spray a thin stream where they are entering. Also, spray any other areas where they may enter such as by doors, windows, etc. Do not put on painted surfaces as it will eventually cause bubbling.

I just filled up my tip bottle and went around the edge of my house.

After reading this,  I also decided to add peppermint oil to the mixture.

2011 06 05_5575

I have heard this working for others and I have to admit,  I wasn’t sure if this would work.  BUT IT DID!!!!  Not over night,  but I would say that after the first day they were mostly gone.  By day 4,  I didn’t see any!  I did wash my floor and vacuum again and again too!

How does Organic H Basic H kill the ants when it is toxin-free? 

I was wondering that too and I asked someone and they said that since Basic H makes water wetter, the Basic H sticks to them and it actually suffocates the ants/bugs. 
It worked for me!  So if you are wanting a natural toxic-free way to get rid of ants, try this! ;)

ants banner

Have a great day!!!

Bonnie :)


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