Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Basement Office

Hello! :)  I am excited to finally share my basement office with you.  I am not done yet but this is how it looks now.  

(Sorry about the basement lighting.)

I bought these bookshelves at Ikea and love them!! :)  The desk is from Ikea too but I found it at Goodwill for only $13! The chair is Pottery Barn from my kitchen table right now, ha!

Right now, I just filled the shelves with what I already had.

On the left, I have my Tiffany bowl that I earned from Shaklee, my photo and book.  I still need to frame my Roger photo!

I put some of my books and other goodies on the shelf too!  I have more books than this but they are spread all over the house.

I still need to frame my certificate.  Ah, I love my Tiffany Box (Thanks Shaklee)!

I am just using this shelf for decor right now.

Again, I am just using what I have.

I like the nature theme, it goes with Shaklee's earth friendly business and products.

These flowers are sweet.

I put some product on the shelf for now.

Here is another photo from the trip.  I still need to frame this one too.

Here is another view.  

Next, I want to fill the walls with photos and other things.  I am not sure yet what I will do for sure.  I am moving very slow but I am in no hurry at all!

I also want to hang something on this wall.

So, this is where I am at now.  I still have more work to do down here.  

I am organizing files too! :)  I just want to move slow and do it right.

Do you have an office?  What do you like best about it?

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)


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