Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Pregnancy Q & A

When are you due?

I am due June 1st.

Is it a boy or girl?


What do you have now?

Grace is almost 7, Michael is 5 and Matthew is 3.

How are you feeling?

I usually have pretty good pregnancies!! I do get tired but I usually fight through it because I don't have time to nap.  I have only taken a few naps throughout the whole pregnancy because of time.

What do you eat?

I always start my day with a quality protein (my protein shake or eggs), my supplements, pomegranate tea, and a fruit.  If I don't start with these things, I can feel a huge difference in my energy and mood by the afternoon.  For lunch, I will eat a salad, another shake, cheese and crackers or something like like with fruit and a raw veggie like a cucumber or carrot sticks.  For a snack, I mostly eat an apple or a snack bar in the van because we are always on the go.  For dinner, I try to cook a healthy meal.  I posted some examples here.

Do you exercise?

Yes and no!  I have not been that great about working out during this pregnancy.  I broke my foot at the beginning of my pregnancy and that really put a stamper on my exercise routine.  I am not joking, my legs turned to mush after 3 weeks of laying around and not using them so that has been hard for me and not to mention, all the extra weight gain on my no muscles, lol!  I do get tired easily now. :( I do walk on and off so that has been really good for me!

How much weight did you gain?

I think I have gained about 30 pounds.  I try not to check.  I gained 35 with Grace and 30 with all my boys.

What are you going to do to lose the baby weight?  

I am going to do a modified version of the Cinch Inch Loss Plan and I will post about it so you all can see.  I did that after Matthew and that really worked for me so I hope it melts away this time, ha!

Does your weight just fall off?

NO!!!  I wish I was one of those people! I really need to work hard to get back to my pre pregnancy weight and I never feel really good until after I am completely done nursing and I nurse for 15 months.

How do you have energy to do it all?

I don't feel like I do it "all" but I do know that I have a lot on my plate.  I am always driving the kids the to school, helping with homework,  our laundry piles grow my the hour, my family is always hungry, we are in several sports and activities, I blog, I run a business that has tripled this past year and I date my hubby!  I have become pretty good at prioritized my life and scheduling everything out.  I had too!  I reach out for help when I need it and know when to take a break (kinda, lol).  We also finished our basement and my hubby was out of town for weeks at a time so I needed to get organized!!!

Do you think you will go early?

I kind of hope so at this point because I am getting really uncomfortable. LOL!  Grace was 5 days early.  Michael was induced 2 weeks late and Matthew was a week late.

Are you ready?

Haha, are you ever ready?  I guess, if I went into labor today, I would be ready but I still have a major TO-DO list that I want to get done.  I was really motivated a couple of weeks ago but now I am really dragging to even do the laundry.  I still have major house and business plans but I will see what happens.  My baby bag is packed and I bought diapers so that's good, right?


Thanks for all your great questions!  I hope that you all have a great week!!

Have a great day!


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