Monday, May 14, 2012

Nesting! Organized Kitchen

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend and if you are a Mother, I hope you were able to relax and enjoy on Sunday!  

I really enjoyed myself yesterday which was way overdue! I took 4 naps in two days, lol!  I didn't know that was possible but I needed it so I took full advantage!! :)  I have been working sooo hard around the house, with the family and with my business.  The blog took a little beating but I am back!  

Last week, I re-organized my kitchen!  I try to do this several times a year needs it, lol!

I went through all our crafts and made sure we are ready for any summer crafts activities or rainy day fun!

I also got our summer workbooks organized!  I want to do a simple, summer homeschool program with them.  I don't want to do too much but I don't want them to forget everything over the summer either.  Plus, my kids really enjoy this so it works for us! :)

I had my momma's helper help me with this cabinet.  I really can't bend over to organize this and she did a great job!  I hate organizing these so I end up just throwing them under the cabinet and quickly closing the door.  I know, I am so lame but oh well! LOL!

I REALLY simplified my cookbooks!  I mostly go online so I felt like I could cutback on the books.

The bottom shelf of this cabinet  is where I keep my camera so it is always handy!

I went through old paperwork and cleared out any junk!  

I love having open space now!

We don't really make a lot of coffee so we keep our coffee maker in a cabinet instead of on the counter.  

I enjoy an empty counter.

Our pot and pans cabinet also received a quick re-do!

I went through my baking cabinet.

I made sure everything was in the right spot!

I use the cabinet daily so I like to know where everything is.

I also did a quick re-do under my sink.  I even took out my liner and washed it.  (It really needed it!)

I love having everything so organized! :)

I bought new organizers for our silverware!  You don't even want to know what I used to do with these!! Ok, I will tell you.  I just threw everything in the drawer and that worked for me. HAHA!  I know, LAZY!!  I am better now!

This was just my kitchen!  I went through my WHOLE house and did this to EVERY room!! I even had a garage sale last weekend!  I feel great now but it was a ton of work for me.  I had some house guest last week and that was very motivating for me.  I will post all about that soon.  I also feel a little closer to having the baby so that is good too!

Did you "nest" your house?  What did you do?  I would love to hear about it.

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)


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