Monday, May 28, 2012

Snowball Blossoms

The viburnum bushes are gorgeous this year. What would the garden do without them? They sashay in after the lilac blossoms fade, but before the peonies burst. This viburnum bouquet is from our snowball bush. We have several on our property, one was here originally and the others I planted last year. 

It's really quite hard to not get giddy about all the flowers that will show in the upcoming weeks and months. The peonies are full of plump buds, as are the rose bushes and clematis. 

The hydrangeas are just starting to show little tiny green flowers. 

It's all very exciting. After putting so much work into the garden, it's such a wonderful feeling to see everything growing and looking more and more mature and vibrant. 

Then there's the vegetable garden! We visited our local nursery this past weekend and picked up all of our starts...lots of tomato varieties, basil, green beans, pickling cucumbers and some carrot seeds. And two pumpkin varieties for pies, breads, soups, cakes and who knows what else. We love our pumpkin! 

We are getting a late start with the garden this year. But as of this afternoon, everything is planted and making themselves at home for the summer. 

Photos to follow...

Smiling at the babies who were watching us from their stroller...xo


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