Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A clever, vintage packed home in Madrid

Morning! I have seen this wonderful Madrid home before as I'm sure you have, but it's so wonderful I never tire of it. No guessing why - it has white walls and floors and packed with vintage finds! Not only that, but the vintage and second hand finds are used in such clever and original ways. For example the gymnastic vault in the sitting room storing books and the filing cabinet in the bathroom. Genius! I love it when vintage or second-hand finds are used in a different way than originally intended. Although at cocktail hour I do often think about converting my drinks trolley back to it's former glory!!

Home Life via Plante Deco

What a wonderful home?! Can anyone tell me anything more about it?

Before I leave I wanted to tip you about a couple of fab blog give-aways (other than my own little give-away here of course! - thank you for all the entry so far I've really loved reading all the comments ): Mechant Design is holding a give-away here to win two wonderful lights. And illustrator extroadinaire Tracey English is holding a blog give-away here with a chance to win a great London print! Yaaaay!

And finally, Miss motor-mouth here has one more thing: you may notice my new google ads below each post, this is my way of getting a little back to cover costs so that I can continue to produce the blog I love. I hope you all don't mind :) Have a lovely day!


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