Monday, June 11, 2012

A split machiya home in Tokyo, Japan

Hej hej! I'm back and as promised this will be a bit of an Asian interior week! Last Monday I visited Tokyo, Japan for 24 hours. It was a fantastic city and perhaps the most intriguing culture of all. Japanese are guided by the 5s principles: Seiri: Tidiness, Seiton: Orderliness, Seiso: Cleanliness, Seiketsu: Standardisation, Shitsuke: Discipline which are reflected in the home. Interiors are based on natural materials wood and stone and designed to encourage a respectful relationship with nature and bring balance and harmony to your life. This beautiful split machiya home in Tokyo, Japan from  Atelier Bow Wow is in two parts and connected by a lush courtyard.

'split machiya' by atelier bow wow, shinjuku, tokyo, japan
photographer: Manuel Oka via Design Boom
Can you see any reflection of the 5s principles in your home?! Every one minute I step on a piece of lego or trip over a barbie car which is followed by a string of expletives, so perhaps I need to work on this!!

Tomorrow it's time for a little Japanese give-away for you lovely readers so pop by if you get the a chance!

Have a lovely day!

 PS You can read more about this home here.


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