Monday, June 4, 2012

Home inspiration: pom poms

Hejsan! Anyone who saw my post on Friday will know that I'm currently on a fly-by tour of Asia. OK it's for work, but I've still absolutely loved my past couple of days in Tokyo. The city is beyond belief and I simply can't believe how stylish and graceful all the women are. I feel a little like the incredible hulk in comparison! I thought about creating a Japanese inspired post today but sadly I don't have the time so I thought I'd have an Asia inspired week next week (including a small give-away of something I picked up in Tokyo! Ooooo!). Instead I'm going to cheat a little and publish a post about pom poms I made last week (hope you dont mind but they are rather lovely...). I absolutely love pom poms right now and they're popping up everywhere in the home.....

Pinterest (sorry!!! can anyone help?)

Via Covet Garden

Bodie and Fou
Weekday Carnival
What do you reckon? Are you a pom pom gal/boy?! If you're feeling crafty you can make your own ones here. Of for the more, um, time deprived?! you can buy beautiful ones on Etsy here.

I'll be back again on Wednesday so sit tight and have a lovely couple of days!


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