Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make Your Own Fruit Yogurt

One of our favorite lunches to eat is yogurt but we like to make a certain kind!!  We eat this so much that even our babysitter makes this at home now.

This is our favorite yogurt to eat!

We put it into a bowl.

The kids do all this themselves. 

Then we grab a bag of frozen fruit.

Then, we add the fruit to our yogurt!

Then we add organic stevia and pure vanilla extract.

Next, we mix it all together!

The kids like some "crunch" on top, so we usually add these cookies or granola on top.

You can add a banana if you want!

The kids love it!

Yup, they love it!!

Cute. Yummy. Healthy.

What is your favorite yogurt?

Thanks and have a great day!!



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