Monday, June 18, 2012

Our First Week as a Family of 6

Happy Monday!

I hope that you all had a great weekend and Father's Day!

Today, I just wanted to hop in and share a few family photos from the week!  I can't believe we have a family of 6 now!! WOW!!  We grew fast, lol!

I am so in love with my new little Andrew!  I was lucky last week because Scott took the whole week off and did EVERYTHING for me while I was able to rest and nurse!  (Nursing can be a full-time job by itself.)

Here is a photo of Andrew sleeping!  He is an amazing sleeper so far. :)
(He is such a fly catcher, hehe!)

He is making a face here but this was taken on his one week birthday! He is getting so big!

This was my view from the couch all week! Scott in the kitchen, folding laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  His comments kept cracking me up all week.  I told him to stop making me laugh because it hurt.  He thinks my job as a "stay-at-home" mom is A LOT of work!  He would say stuff like, "I just finished  cleaning breakfast and now they are ready for a snack!" lol!!  He decided that he was spending too much time cleaning and doing laundry so he stopped and wondered what happen to the house, ha!  I think it was the messiest I even saw it.  I didn't care or say anything.  He is not used to cooking and such plus he wanted to play with the other kids a lot which he did.

He took the three oldest kids to the pool all by himself!

Plus, he potty trained Matthew by himself!  I tried and quit like three times by Matthew listened to Scott!  Plus, he bribed him with cheese crackers and cookies (something I didn't do.)  Anyway,  it worked like a charm and now I don't have to do that!  

The kids fought over the baby!  Of course, Grace held Andrew the most.  She is such a little mom!

Daddy was able to get some baby lovin' too!
(Look at that smile.)

We feel so blessed and love him so much!

We also had a great Father's Day!

Since it has been so hot out, the kids have been playing with water toys all week!

Scott joined in on the fun, ha!

He did require lots of coffee, lol!

So there you go!

That was our week in a nutshell!  We are transitioning better that I thought. 

I will let you know how this week goes.

What did you do last week?

What do you have planned for this week?

Have a great day!


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