Thursday, June 7, 2012

Out and About in Aurora

There's a historic little town just south of Portland that I love to visit. When we first moved to Oregon seven years ago, we inadvertently drove through on our way to a music festival. The town was having a big outdoor flea market sale and being the kind and patient husband that Mike is, he suggested that I stop and look around. 

Between the classic architecture and the abundance of antique stores, it's a favorite place of mine. I've probably ventured there (it's about an hour and a half away) a couple times a year. 

Daddy and son are waiting patiently on the bench while Margaret and I were poking around one of my favorite stores, the Main Street Mercantile. It's an antique store whose three stories you can happily get lost in. 

Another favorite in town is Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. It's a salvage store but unlike most salvage antique stores, things are organized with museum-like precision. 

Here we are poking around...

I love this old painted mantel. Behind it are rows upon rows of various profiles and sizes of trim, wonderfully organized.  

They also had a wonderful pair of wood mantels in pristine condition. 

Here are the boys...aren't they cutie pies?

After looking at hundreds of beautiful items that included antique furniture, art, frames, and lamps...I came away with one small purchase. A little painting for $11.

Hubby was happy/relieved about that. ; )


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