Sunday, July 1, 2012

From New York to Suffolk - a real fruity fest!

I have very recently returned from a trip to New York....and of course, high on my list of priorities was a visit to the beautiful Purl Soho, previously only seen on the 'pages' of my computer screen!  So what a treat to be able to see it in the flesh and in all it's glory!
 I couldn't believe it when I finally peeked in the shop window - and knew I was about to set foot inside!

 I truly did not know where to look first! But after soaking up the walls of yarn, my eyes settled on this super cute mini bunting.  How sweet is this?

Not only were the walls stacked high to the rafters with gorgeous yarn, but also the shelves too!  And of course Knit Collage Yarns were much in evidence!  Yum!

These glorious felt apple coasters really appealed to me too in all their zesty colourways.  The project is featured on Purl Soho's blog at

One of our favourite Knit Collage yarns is Kinari Bazaar so I couldn't resist snapping this of the pom-pom hat knitted up in this colourway! 

Turning around again, yet more inspiration awaits - a whole wall of embroidery hoop art, using all the glorious fabrics available.....what a simple but oh so effective way of cheering up a plain wall.

To say I enjoyed my visit to this iconic NY store would be an understatement, it leaves you slightly giddy with excitement and possibilities! 

Fast forward less than one week, and the next dose of crafty fruitiness awaited me in the form of Alder Carr Farm's Annual Strawberry Fayre!  Ever so slightly closer to home and certainly no 7 hour flights required for this one!

Nic was busy in the shop being a Saturday, with a candle making course to follow so having been allowed the pick of the shop to transport just a little taste of Halfpenny Home to Alder Carr, I set up bright and early outside the farm shop - complete with a strawberry motif tablecloth!!!

I'd managed to paint just a few bits and pieces in readiness for the fayre, and Nic excelled herself with a mini production line of these beautiful Strawberry Pincushions.  All unique with different ribbon and button toppings - they went down a storm!   For all you vintage lovers - you'll also spy the beautiful vintage "strawberries" using old Liberty prints.....mmmmmm

It turned out to be a very lovely day and the sun shone all afternoon long!  I met lots of lovely people and a special mention must go to the super creative Hannah Mee of Love Mee Designs - and Jane Marshall of The Beaded Garden who I set up stall alongside and who helped make the day so enjoyable. 

After all the recent activity, both near and far, I am enjoying a rather quieter Sunday....with strawberries for tea, of course!



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